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Building a Brighter, Happier Future

As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, Stage and Screen is proud to champion social responsibility and to bring our Brighter Futures’ initiative to life where we work, live and travel. The core philosophies behind our CSR programs including Brighter Futures and Stage and Screen Supports, are a fundamental part of our DNA and shine a light on issues we are passionate about.

As part of our own industry initiative Stage and Screen Supports, we are committed to addressing the unique issues that specifically impact those in the entertainment, sports and creative industries.

Read how we’re supporting our industry with Stage and Screen Supports

Brighter Futures

Stage and Screen values and advocates responsible travel, conservation of natural resources, sustainability and equality – with the Brighter Futures Program enabling us to deliver on our corporate social responsibility. Ultimately, our aim is to give back to the community and to nurture a company culture in which all members of our global team respect the environment and embrace travel that benefits local people, their cultures and economies.

We do this through -

The Flight Centre Foundation

Through the Flight Centre Foundation our company, employees and the extended Stage and Screen family are empowered to give back to the community through volunteering opportunities, workplace giving, fundraising and by working closely with charity partners to create a brighter future for those in need. Through workplace giving staff donations are proudly matched dollar-for-dollar by the company, while a paid program encourages employees to volunteer their time to support community charities.

Since 2008 the Flight Centre Foundation has donated in excess of $10.5m to a range of charities including -

  • Bush Heritage
  • Cambodian Children's Trust
  • Foodbank
  • KTF (Kokoda Track Foundation)
  • Redkite
  • R U OK?
  • Youngcare

Responsible Travel​

At Stage and Screen our Responsible Travel Charter - Worldwise – embodies our goal to inspire our employees, customers and our suppliers to travel responsibly from a social, cultural and environmental perspective. We are committed to operating our business with integrity and in a manner that benefits local people, respects their human rights, supports their culture, economy and environment.

By adopting the Responsible Tourism Charter, Stage and Screen is focused on a number of key areas where we believe we have the best opportunity to encourage responsible travel and to change behaviours. Our goal is to deliver responsible travel product and to also inspire everyone in the travel ecosystem – especially our suppliers, customers and staff to travel with the following four philosophies in mind.

Social Equality​

To build a brighter future in the communities where we work, live and travel, promote closer ties and respect among people and cultures, and offer a helping hand in times of need.


To support tourism activities and suppliers that promote environmental awareness, conserve and protect the environment, respect wildlife and their welfare, and which commit to reducing waste and conserving water.


To take steps to understand and prevent animal cruelty from being a part of tourism and to travel in a way that won’t harm or threaten their natural habitat.


To make a positive economic contribution to the destinations where we work, live and travel. To shop local and to ensure there is equal sharing of the benefits, and the burdens, of tourism.

Our People​

Stage and Screen recognises that everybody should have the opportunity to shine brightly. We have a range of internal initiatives designed to enhance egalitarianism, provide equal career opportunities and support a work-life balance.

Gender Diversity​

With a workforce which is 72% female, our policies promote equal privileges and an equal opportunity to succeed. We encourage internal mobility and work with our people to map out an individual ‘Brightness of Future’ path to success. We are committed to reflecting the gender balance across the company, by ensuring females are appropriately represented at senior executive and Board member level. Stage and Screen has a range of strategies in place to ensure that all women and men are equally represented, valued and rewarded – and to help lead the way to bring about change within the travel industry.

Workplace Culture​

Stage and Screen is committed to a positive workplace culture which supports staff in achieving a balance in both their personal and professional lives through flexible working arrangements, annual leave flexibility and job share opportunities.

Environmental Sustainability

Stage and Screen is actively committed to addressing our corporate footprint, by seeking out ‘green’ initiatives to reduce waste, emissions and energy consumption. At the same time we look to partner with suppliers that share our values in these key areas – to support a brighter future for all.

Recycling and Waste​

We have taken significant steps to reduce waste by:

  • printing only when necessary, using double-sided copying and ensuring recycling bins are accessible
  • reducing packaging and using recycled, unbleached paper for printed materials
  • making publications available online
  • donating old computers and cell phones to charities for re-use

Carbon Emissions​

Stage and Screen has adopted a number of initiatives to reduce office-related emissions, while also providing customers with the option of offsetting emissions related to their personal and corporate travel.

Energy Consumption​

We are actively working to reduce energy usage by:

  • using sensor lighting and installing energy efficient lighting wherever possible
  • minimising after hours air-conditioning use and installing blinds to minimise cooling and heating costs
  • installing energy-efficient multi-purpose devices to reduce the number of appliances in use and switching off equipment not in use

At Stage and Screen and right across the FCTG - we believe that it’s up to every single one of us to affect positive change now – so we can all create Brighter Futures across the globe.