How to fly safe and arrive well during COVID-19


To help you make an informed decision about the safety and well being of your travelers during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak we have prepared the following information. It is your responsibility to ensure your travelers comply with any government travel restrictions.

When it comes to spreading disease, the airline industry gets a bad rap. It’s true that increased global air travel over the past decade means viruses spread more quickly, but planes themselves aren’t to blame. Anywhere that large groups gather and mix are equally susceptible, but COVID-19 travel bans have put the spotlight on air travel.

So why all the fuss? Because COVID-19 is a new strain of the Coronavirus (CoV) not previously identified in humans.  This new strain is fueling speculation, misinformation and general unease. When World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency it sounded dire, but this was done to give the organization access to extra funds to support vulnerable countries. A ‘pandemic’ simply means the virus has spread to a number of other countries.

Utilize your Travel Manager

At times like this, having a dedicated travel consultant and a travel management company with a genuine 24/7 emergency service is priceless. Should you be re-routed or denied entry to a country, your Stage and Screen consultant can help with accommodation, flight changes, cancellations and alternative routing.