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Australian domestic routes amongst busiest in world

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If you’re constantly fighting the armrest elbow war with your fellow passengers when flying out of Sydney – you better get used to it! The stats are in and flights from Sydney to Melbourne and Sydney to Brisbane are perennially busy. The latest figures on the busiest domestic routes in the world rank Sydney - Melbourne as the second busiest and Sydney-Brisbane at number twelve. Plus Australia has just four carriers servicing this route. By comparison the world’s busiest route, from the holiday island of Jeju to Seoul in South Korea, travellers have seven carriers to choose from. While six carriers operate the third busiest route in the world, from Bombay to Delhi in India.

The 2019 annual departing frequency flight data, from OAG, shows that annually the Sydney - Melbourne route boasts 54,102 flights, with 33,443 from Sydney - Brisbane. That makes the skies above our east coast corridor, and the corresponding airports servicing these cities, very busy indeed.

Looking at the bigger picture, 13 of top 20 busiest world routes were within the Asia-Pacific region - with two routes each in Australia, India, China and Japan, and three in Indonesia. There were also two routes in the United States, however none in Europe which may be due to the continent’s extensive rail network and the shorter distances between cities.

With the rapid growth of individual wealth, business prosperity and the economies of a number of Asian countries, the travel and airline industries in this region are expected to boom. For short haul domestic flights Asian cities, such as China and India, are predicted to dominate these ranking over the next five to ten years.

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Source: OAG March 2019