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Channelling our Super Powers

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Ever wanted to rub shoulders with Thor, Captain Marvel or Mr Spock? Then get yourself to the next Supanova Comic Con & Gaming expo, but brace yourself for some seriously outrageous characters and diehard fans of everything from sci-fi to gaming.

An eye watering mix of nostalgia and the future, Supanova is a world within a world with more super stars than the Hollywood Walk of Fame – it’s just that you may not recognise them out of costume! Supanova expos are a mecca for fans from age seven, to infinity and beyond – and the line-up is epic! The Australian expos attract up to 50,000 fans for a self-confessed celebration of all things geeky.

For the fans it’s a chance to dress up and meet their favourite heroes – and villains – from Guardians of the Galaxy, Arrow, Venom, Star Wars, Pokémon, Slayers, Get Smart, Supergirl, Doom Patrol and more. This off the wall celebration of popular culture is mix of fantasy, sci-fi, animation, comics and gaming.

This colourful community has a huge global following and for the six annual Australian events, Stage and Screen helps Supanova to bring actors, voice talent, creators, authors, cosplay stars and super heroes to town. Yes, even Supergirl needs to take a plane sometimes!

Working with Supanova since 2011, we’ve arranged travel for some of the biggest names in the business including George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones), the late Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, David Boreanaz (Bones), Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), Stephen Amell, Val Kilmer, Chuck Norris and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future). So it’s fair to say that we have powerful friends in powerful places!

Whether booking tickets for ‘The Man’ or the cast and crew that make Supanova happen – it’s a buzz. The international super stars get the full VIP treatment with pre-arranged airport transfers from their home base to the airport, then a ‘meet and greet’ at the airport before being transferred to their luxury accommodation. A number of the VIPs also see the Australian events as a chance to take a holiday, bringing their families with them. So Stage and Screen often arrange super hero approved Airbnb accommodation for longer stays.

Bringing the events to life takes a Supanova team of up to 60 people who are tasked with managing the crowds and VIPs, setting up and breaking down the expo. “For these big group movements Stage and Screen arrange coaches and negotiate accommodation in each city usually up to two years in advance,” said Supanova’s Daniel Zachariou. “They also advise us on the most cost-effective domestic fares to book to and they use their great accommodation contacts to liaise directly with hotels to meet our requirements.”

For Daniel and his team the biggest challenge is trying to lock in venues four to five years in advance and the talent up to two years ahead. But with most of them being actors, a new movie role offer can take priority! “So travel cancellations can go with the territory,” explains Daniel. “Fortunately Stage and Screen have a good understanding of the way we work and last minute changes are managed with a single email or phone call to our travel manager.”

However the highlight for Daniel is seeing the fans leave reality at the door and channel their inner super hero. ”The expos are cross generational and you see kids embracing characters that their parents grew up with,” said Daniel. “But the best thing is the vibe - everyone is having a blast and there are smiles everywhere you turn!”


Upcoming Supanova Comic Con and Gaming expos are happening in Sydney 21 – 23 June and Perth 29 – 30 June.

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