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When choosing a hotel, some people want big and some want boutique. It’s the same dilemma when choosing a Travel Management Company (TMC). At Stage and Screen we believe that we’ve struck the right balance - by being small enough to care, but big enough to deliver.

Here are the top 6 ways we balance our bespoke, boutique approach with our big ambitions – and those of our customers.

1. Focussing on our niche

At Stage and Screen we stick to what we know best - be it VIP services for a superstar like Adele, managing sporting teams with special needs or getting a band to a remote music festival. We choose to be a big star in one area – rather than a bit player in many.

2. Program customisation

We build personal relationships and bespoke programs based on listening and understanding each customer’s needs. The result is a travel program that truly delivers big returns on your investment.

3. Dedicated account management

Whether a company has a $10M budget or a $50K budget, every Stage and Screen client has a dedicated Travel Manager or Account Manager assigned to their business. All benefit from multilevel relationships across Stage and Screen – with a Consultant, Travel Manager/Account Manager, a dedicated credit controller, dedicated OBT support and direct access to our General Manager. Plus all clients benefit from quarterly reviews of their travel program.

4. Accountability

Our flat structure means we are directly accountable to all clients and we’re nimble enough to act immediately when travel plans are disrupted or programs need fine-tuning. But we also have the resources to go above and beyond the everyday. So you may find us providing on-site travel assistance for the duration of a special event, or managing a group check-in at the airport.

5. Tools, innovation and tech

Smart booking tools, interactive expense management and a traveller app which utilises artificial intelligence, benefit all our customers - big and small. Whether the tech has been developed directly by Stage and Screen – or a third party – the sheer volume we put through a tech platform provides us with more opportunities to develop, personalise and refine it - or to make recommendations to the supplier so they can incorporate features our clients want.

6. Leveraging buying power

With larger clients putting big volumes through travel suppliers, we can negotiate very competitive rates and leverage this spend to secure exclusive rates, bonuses and value-adds for all clients – the vast majority of which are SMEs.

The big picture

Delivering true end-to-end travel solutions means we leave nothing to chance from the initial quote to ticketing, and from ground transfers and 24/7 support. At Stage and Screen our philosophy is to provide every client with a boutique-style service that’s big on results. So you can be sure that we’ve always got your back.