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Happy travellers are APP-y travellers

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The airport’s heaving, your flight’s delayed and you’ve been on the go since 4am. You’d give your right arm for a quiet space, so you pull out your phone and bingo! An app directs you to the closest airport lounge.


Apps designed to make business travel easier are a godsend for the digital savvy traveller. These smart apps which can manage every aspect of your trip, have made mobile devices a vital tool for flight bookings, accommodation reviews, transfers and even menu translation. In fact, apps have become so much a part of travel today that businesses wishing to provide a product and service in this space, now need to have an app to even be considered by travellers.


However a recent report by Deloitte Digital discovered a number of areas where business travellers aren’t getting the information they want from current apps. This included information around food, an all-in-one app, flight information, weather and local transport. So while more and more travel apps are popping up every week, it seems that many travellers are still searching for the Holy Grail. For regular business travellers the dream app would be one which genuinely gives you all the information you need in one glance, while also automatically integrating and synchronising information.


The opportunity exists to create an all-encompassing app that would put an end to the need to switch across a number of apps. An intuitive, fully integrated app would ideally draw on both current and historical personal traveller data - from the most regular routes, to favourite transfers. While the use of real time data, could allow an app to pre-empt a traveller’s needs. 


Apps that allow for more personalisation and better business outcomes are high on the wish list of individuals and companies - as both are looking to stretch their budget and to pack more into every business trip than ever before.


8 things Business travellers want from travel apps

You might be surprised at what came in at number 1...

1. Food
2. All-in-one app
3. Flight info
4. Weather
5. Local transport
6. Expensing
7. Offline access
8. Data


Source: Deloitte Digital and Adweek 30 October 2016