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Part 3: Industry types share what makes them thrive

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The final of a 3-part series.

Where do successful creatives find their inspiration? Does the definition of success change over time?

We asked three creatives about what makes them tick.


Jody Lee Harris, actor

Originally from London, Jody Lee Harris has starred in leading independent films. Jody’s credits include the Logie award-winning show Utopia, as well as the films Desperate Pursuit and Evil of the Vampires.


What drives you professionally?

I'm really driven by the chance to tell good stories about inspiring people or profound tales, which move others. It fills me with passion and a sense of connection to the world. There are so many beautiful stories out there to be told, but what I'm personally drawn to are the ones which make people stop and think, moments that remind us we're all people who feel the same things and that we're equal regardless of gender, race, sexuality, wealth or social status.


What inspires you to be successful?

I lost my mother when I was 22, which forced me to think early about life being finite, and to go for what I really wanted in life, not take time for granted or waste time doing something I'm not truly passionate about. Not only does this fuel the fire in my stomach to keep going in an extremely competitive industry, it gave me life experience which adds honesty and colour to my craft.


Written by Drew Turney