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A performance driven by the power of music

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At Stage and Screen we know that music changes lives. Whether you’re performing it, creating it or listening to it, music transcends all age, ability and cultural barriers. We’ve had the privilege of seeing this transformative effect firsthand and we’re thrilled to help our client Live Nation spread the word about a ground breaking new music-based program.

Music In Me is Melbourne’s first all abilities capacity building music program. The Music In Me Program is hosted through Interchange Inner East to provide innovative and high quality respite services, which harness the therapeutic power of music to inspire children and young adults who have a disability. By promoting communication, exercise and intellectual development, the program aims to build a community of confident, purposeful lifelong learners with a love of music.

Inspired by the Music in Me mission, Live Nation was keen to lend their support. “As a live music company, we found a synergy with Music in Me and their passion for music,” said Live Nation’s Eric Lassen. “The difference they have made to so many young people is just extraordinary, and I know there are many others who would benefit from their work - but they need more funding to make that happen.”

The program launched earlier this year in Melbourne and has already grown to over 60 participants, but they urgently need funds for musical instruments and technology tools such as iPads. Stepping up to help, a team from Live Nation pulled on the Lycra to raise money by participating in the Around the Bay in a Day cycling event on Sunday 6 October. Eleven riders took on the challenging 100km circuit, with one brave team member committing to the extended 210km loop. The chaffing and sore muscles were all worth it however as they surpassed their initial fundraising goal of $10,000, to present Music in Me with a $12,000 (...and counting!)* cheque.

“Music in Me is a local non-profit, community-based organisation, and we hope to grow our relationship with them – including helping out with instruments and tickets to music events in the future,” said Eric. “I had the privilege of attending the group’s first showcase concert in August, where the audience was literally dancing in the aisles and you could plainly see the emotions of parents watching their children doing something they never thought possible.”

For Stage and Screen, supporting Live Nation’s fundraising efforts and helping to raise awareness of this program reflects our firm belief in the power of hope, music and inclusion.


While this year’s ride is over, you can still make a tax-deductible donation to Music in Me, which will remain open for several more weeks. Live Nation also jumped in to generously match the first $2,500 in donations!