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A travel policy helps you stay on script

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Operating a business without a travel policy is a bit like filming a movie without a script. You can ad lib for some of the time, but it all ends up being a bit ad hoc. Small to medium size businesses sometimes believe they’re not large enough to need, or justify, a formal travel policy. While others have one, but fail to implement it. However a travel policy designed with the assistance of Stage and Screen takes into account factors unique to the sports, entertainment and creative industries.

If you don’t have a travel policy in place you might be subject to some or all of the factors below.

The chances are you’ll be paying more

Without a travel policy to put guidelines around how you book, your budget may be spread across many suppliers with convenience often winning out over cost savings. However a policy that prioritises preferred suppliers allows you to negotiate better rates based on your volume of travel. Your loyalty can also secure exclusive discounts and value adds, such as upgrades or free breakfasts.

You’re more likely to be charged extra fees

Booking an airfare, accommodation and a hire car for one trip could end up costing you three different booking fees. However a policy that drives bookings through preferred channels or a single supplier, lets you benefit from a lower fee structure. Booking through a TMC or their Online Booking Tool (OBT) means multiple bookings only attract a single booking fee.

A lack of visibility means you’re flying blind

When travellers don’t book through preferred channels or they book their favourite hotel over the internet, vital expense and reporting data is not captured. Tracking your spend is complex, reconciling expenses is difficult and a lack of big picture policy data reduces overall visibility.

You could be missing out on great traveller tech tools

Today’s travellers are tech savvy and offering innovative applications they like to use is a great way to drive policy compliance. Your business can also benefit from time saving, integrated travel policy tools which automate reporting and expense reconciliation.

You don’t know, what you don’t know

Getting from A to B is simple, but getting there quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively is easier with a travel policy and TMC to guide you. You’ll benefit from priceless expert advice, industry insights, strong supplier relationships, value-adds and on-the-ground knowledge.

You could be neglecting your duty of care

If your policy doesn’t provide traveller visibility, it may be difficult to locate employees quickly. A TMC backed policy provides instant access to vital traveller information and one point of contact in an emergency.