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Behind the Scenes at The Show Must Go On

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Over the last several weeks, the team at The Show Must Go On have been hard at work further developing the story and other creative aspects to the project while they await outcomes on several completion funding applications.

In Ben’s Melbourne home studio, the walls are covered with the unfolding plot of the film typed on thin colorful index cards that are arranged into order, as well as photos of the many interview subjects. “I’m feeling really immersed in the story right now. I'm looking at ways to strengthen the narrative and take the audience on a never seen before journey to some of the most complex and at times dark aspects of show business. There are moments where I can feel myself being emotionally impacted by the work, and I’ve learnt to be aware of that now, so when it happens, I take a break or go play with my dog for a while and come back to the studio with a refreshed mind,” says Ben.

The team was recently strengthened by established filmmakers Sue Maslin and Daryl Dellora who will produce and executive produce the project through to completion. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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