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Boutique hotels go budget

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Once only affordable for the DINK’s or high-flying execs of the world, boutique hotels are going budget with a slew of smaller hotels appearing that will offer a sleek yet more economical boutique experience.
2019 will also bring more advanced offerings to the frequent traveller to make their travel experience not only more enjoyable but more meaningful. Think better technology functionality in rooms, and new standards of traveller security and access to properties.

We’ll continue to see more new hotels on the scene in Brisbane and Perth. Many of these new hotels will need to have business on their books before they open, so the Stage team will be keeping an eye out of pre-opening deals for our clients, particularly for group business travel and conferences.

Hotels will also continue to become even more confident in their brands. As such they’ll be working hard to promote their brand’s standards and offerings. Product stagnation is a death sentence, so whether it’s a hotel upgrading their services or facilities, they’ll need to keep their offering both desirable and relevant.

Stage and Screen’s Product Team