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Mental health travel insurance cover is something to smile about

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Stage and Screen knows that mental health is no laughing matter. In fact research shows that stand up comedians and other performers are more likely to suffer from a mental illness than many other Australians. Members of the entertainment industry as a whole are over-represented in Australian mental health statistics – for example suicide attempts are double the national average, anxiety symptoms are ten times higher, sleep disorders are seven times higher and symptoms of depression are five times higher than the national average.
This is why Stage and Screen has chosen to support organisations helping people in this area and to also align with partners who share our values – like our preferred travel insurance provider, Cover-More.
Cover-More recognises that many Stage and Screen clients travel regularly and are away from home for extended periods of time. However until recently many travel insurance policies excluded cover for mental health related incidences. However not anymore – thanks to Cover-More.
Cover-More was an early mover in this area in early 2017 when they introduced ‘first onset’ cover for travellers who experience a mental illness for the first time while travelling. Then in November 2017, Cover-More introduced mental illness cover for pre-existing conditions as well. “We recognised that mental illness should be treated exactly the same as any physical medical condition,” said Maureen Mullins, Cover-More Group Communications Manager. “In particular we acknowledged the importance of providing protection for travellers with existing mental illness conditions which can be unpredictable. We are now proud to offer insurance which will provide cover for costs to amend and/or cancel travel plans, as well as medical expenses if the condition requires professional support.”
This important change in the travel insurance industry, along with initiatives including 'Stage and Screen Supports' – which aims to highlight the growing issues of anxiety and depression, are helping to actively support the national conversation about mental health.