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Part 2: Industry types share what makes them thrive

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The second of a 3-part series.

Where do successful creatives find their inspiration? Does the definition of success change over time? We asked three creatives about what makes them tick.


Elise Cooper, producer

Elise Cooper produces the daily parenting show Kinderling Conversation on the national radio station Kinderling Kids Radio, is a former executive producer of FBi radio and associate editor of the arts reviews website, So Is It Any Good?

What kind of environment do you thrive in?

I like working with people who make me nervous. Stay with me. Usually such people are much cleverer than I or work in a way that’s so different that I want to learn everything they have to say and do.

How do you define professional success, and is there any one moment that embodied success?

I'd define it as being content at the end of a day. If I set myself up with goals for some metaphorical pathway to success, I'd never be working in radio in a job I love. I used to want to be a classical oboist until I started studying at the best music school in the country and realised I was utterly miserable.

As for a particular moment? When I was awarded Best Producer at FBi Radio’s internal awards night in 2015. It was when I realised that I'd thought I didn't care what people thought of my work, but boy did it feel lush to be acknowledged for spending every Saturday night for 18 months making a love song dedication show for Sydney-siders and their lonely (drunk) hearts.

Written by Drew Turney