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Putting an end to travelling under a dark cloud

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Life’s full of ups and downs – just ask those working in the often fickle sports, entertainment and creative industries! Along with the highs and lows – and constant travel - can come a range of wellbeing and mental health challenges. That’s why you need both your travel management company – and your travel insurance company – on your side.

Some time ago Stage and Screen chose to partner with Cover-More, a company committed to standing by travellers impacted by mental health issues. While a recent investigation by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission found over 350,000 Australian travel insurance policies containing terms that discriminated against people with mental health conditions, Cover-More was an early mover in this area.

In 2017 Cover-More introduced ‘first onset’ cover for travellers who experience a mental illness for the first time while travelling, along with general mental illness cover for pre-existing conditions.

Statistics indicate that one in five (20%) of all Australians aged 16 to 85 will experience a mental health illness in any year, according to the Black Dog Institute. Plus closer to home, Stage and Screen is all too aware that members of the entertainment industry as a whole are over-represented in Australian mental health statistics. For example suicide attempts are double the national average, anxiety symptoms are ten times higher, sleep disorders are seven times higher and symptoms of depression are five times higher than the national average.

While recent publicity has caused travel insurance companies to reluctantly reassess their policies to meet community, industry and government expectations on mental illness cover, Stage and Screen will continue to build on the strong ties we have forged with Cover-More.

By continuing the public conversation around mental health, Stage and Screen believes that we can all help address the stigma and misinformation which can lead to discrimination and disadvantage.