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We've always claimed that we are the strength behind the scenes and, we love hearing from our clients exactly how we live and breathe that motto. The "scene" in this case is client Ben Harrison, Head of Touring and Logistics at Novel and the strength is Stage and Screen Travel Manager extraordinaire Bronwyn White.

This dynamic duo have been almost inseparable for the past three years and Bronwyn is a clearly a force to be reckoned with. Well, everyone at Stage already knew that, but it’s gratifying to hear it straight from the mouth of Ben. “In all my years working in dance music globally (20 years in total now) I’ve worked with many travel teams, in many countries and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say Bronwyn is the most skilled and passionate I have ever come across,” said Ben in March after the 2019 Pitch Music & Arts Festival wrapped up for another year.

Ben goes on to add “there is absolutely no way known to man the Pitch Music & Arts Festival would have been able to operate the last three years without her assisting me along the way. Her flexibility to work in with our systems and documents and her general can-do, problem-solving attitude has been wind in my sails on this journey. I cannot even begin to express how much we at Novel appreciate her both personally and professionally.“

We've seen first-hand how proud our travel managers are of the work that they do, so of course we have to agree with Ben. Managing some 52 international artists for the Pitch Music & Arts Festival is all in a day’s work for Bronwyn. Even the fact that many of the artists are in their early 20s and not experienced travellers was all taken in her stride. Detailed itineraries for each traveller streamlined the management of airfares, accommodation in Melbourne and transport to the festival site – a three-hour drive from the city. With many of the performers also travelling to sideshows before and after the festival, multiple city accommodation was also booked and precision scheduling of domestic flights had to adapt to circumstance where a delayed flight could mean the artists missed their set.

“She’s such a vital member of our team, Bronwyn is plugged into our systems at Novel where she can see any changes that we make to the festival logistics,” said Ben. “And without being asked, she’ll jump in to change travel bookings at her end to adapt to the new schedule. She’ll see that an early international arrival will need a 6am hotel check in and she just makes it happen. She second-guesses our needs without us even having to talk.”

Ben goes on to say that over the years artists have made some pretty unusual requests, but Bronwyn has never baulked at a challenge. “When we needed coconut water and organic bananas in a hotel room prior to the arrival of a well-known artist, she made it happen,” added Ben. “And a request for a suitable bedding solution for an artist with a feather allergy (yes, it’s a thing!), was quietly coordinated with the hotel.

In fact Bronwyn has effortlessly managed at least one unreasonable, or seemingly undoable, request every week for the past three years we have worked together!”

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we wanted to, and why would we, when we have special clients like Ben to do it for us. Suffice to say that Bronwyn is one of a kind, though we’d like to think that her passion is something which we look for in all of our Stage and Screen travel managers.

But we’ll let Ben have the final word - “I genuinely believe Bronwyn is not only a benchmark within your business, but the industry itself. I couldn’t speak higher of anyone I deal with. Full stop.”