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Tech on the horizon in 2019

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When it comes to technology in 2019, Stage and Screen’s Limelight Technology, which provides travellers, travel bookers and travel managers with access to market-leading booking, reporting and expense tools - will further advance with the implementation of a next-generation mobile app. This app will embrace the wonderful world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and become your must have pocket travel assistant!

Stage’s technology team will also be working to increase automation on the operational side of the business in terms of processes that normally require manual intervention such as ticketing, itinerary generation and invoicing.

“This year will be about remaining intuitive, competitive and cutting-edge. Keeping abreast of what’s new and fresh in the digital world will not only increase efficiency and keep us ‘nimble’, it will also allow us to focus more on our most important asset – our clients.”

Juanita Kumaran - Head of Stage and Screen Technology