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Stage rolls out the industry’s best travel technologies

From the technology division with  Juanita Kumaran - Head of Technology

  • Last year we continued to roll out a number of unique online booking tools like Savi, which features intelligent functionality, and ZENO, which allows clients to book group corporate travel and maintain control over every aspect of their spend – even on their mobile phones!
  • We also rolled out Conferma, which gave our clients access to a virtual payment tool that enabled them to generate once off corporate credit cards to pay for accomodation during their trips. This means that clients don’t have to use their own credit cards at check-in. Clients also used the system to generate instant reports, tighten compliance and track expenses, meaning no more paper receipts.
  • Another big coup for us last year was the implementation of The Hub. This is like a digital shopfront that meant our clients could get efficient access to autonomous tailored reporting, embedded traveller risk and tracking solutions, Travel Visa orders, and more. It’s technology and innovation in one!