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How can one click secure you Sophie Monk for an event? Or let you book Paul McDermott as MC? Welcome to the wonderful world of blockchain! OK, so it’s not so wonderful if you’re a crypto currency investor. But let me explain...

Developed by leading Australian event industry professionals, the Associated Celebrity Talent App (A.C.T.A.) harnesses the brilliance of blockchain tech. When blockchain was initially developed to facilitate crypto currencies, who thought that it would one day disrupt the talent booking process. And while the success of crypto currencies is highly debatable, blockchain is breaking boundaries.

A.C.T.A. is being billed as ‘the Uber of celebrity entertainment’ - but it’s really a bit more like Airbnb. The same way Airbnb lets you search for properties available on the dates you want them, A.C.T.A. lets you look through the diaries of celebs, talent and musicians to see when they’re free! Then you can book ’em and you’re done! For those in the events business it’s a breakthrough - you get real time answers, everything can be arranged on the one platform and there’s no middleman.


Joel Cangy, Marketing and Partnership Director A.C.T.A. explains – “this new talent booking platform connects event organisers directly with each celebrity’s true talent representative. But most importantly, blockchain tech ensures the safe and secure exchange of contracts, direct payment between client and talent (A.C.T.A hold no money in escrow), as well as communications including event running sheets, and dressing room riders are handled quickly, transparently and securely”.

Managing director of George P. Johnson Caleb Bush says A.C.T.A cuts hours of work when booking celebrity talent and has called on the events and entertainment industry to adopt this new technology to streamline their business processes and bring the industry into the digital era. 

Stage and Screen itineraries can also be uploaded to the app with the talent’s latest travel details, while controlling who has access to the info for privacy and security reasons.

So what’s next? Well, this Australian developed app is going global next February with an official launch at the Asia Pacific Incentives Meetings Event in Melbourne. “A.C.T.A. is just the first of three platforms we have developed using blockchain, which are all designed to revolutionise the events and entertainment sector,” said Joel. “So stayed tuned, because that’s all I can reveal for now!”