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Becoming a Travel Manager with us is harder than scoring a lead role on Broadway. That’s because we only cast travel professionals with exceptional talent and proven performance.

Travel Management Experience


All Travel Managers are multi-skilled and highly experienced in all facets of domestic and international travel in sports and entertainment.
Trusted Relationships


We build strong and trusted client relationships to foster a productive working environment.


Travel Managers work to set turnaround times and service level agreements to guarantee performance and accountability.
Account Managment



Our Account Managers are as good as they get. Expert advice on the development of travel policy and reducing travel costs; negotiating hotel and airline contracts; facilitating in-house training and planning your travel logistics. They're a one stop shop.

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Just like post-game analysis, reporting on program performance is the best way to stay on top of your game. Our monthly and quarterly reports identify trends, travel frequency, supplier usage and spend behaviour. For clients who like to DIY, sophisticated self-guided online reporting gives you the state of play in real-time.

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Unlike a comedy review, our client reviews are serious business – but that’s not to say they aren’t interesting. Our quarterly and yearly face-to-face reviews assess your travel program performance - and our performance. We'll develop business plans and pinpoint areas which can be fine-tuned to achieve savings.

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You can’t reach your goal without a clear plan of attack. To keep us true to our game we report on our ability to meet turnaround times, service level expectations and invoicing requirements. Our performance is tracked through activity logs to guarantee accountability.

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VIP Travel

While every customer is a VIP in our eyes, there are those that take the term 'A-lister' to another level. From high-profile entertainers to industry movers and shakers, we provide a discrete and seamless experience which leaves nothing to chance. Utilising our trusted airline, hotel and transfer partners, every detail is carefully managed to meet expectations. Services include VIP airport assistance, secure transfers, private hotel entrances, entire hotel floor bookings, special dietary requests and late-night check-in. While ensuring total discretion, we can also negotiate additional waivers and favours.
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Group Travel

Most great performances are a team effort and looking after your group is no exception. Tailoring a streamlined group itinerary and managing complex logistics on a large scale is all in a day's work for us, and multi-destination itineraries just add to the fun. Local and global destination knowledge means we know the most convenient ground transport for groups and the best hotels in proximity to sporting and entertainment venues. We can negotiate special group rates and value-odd services such as dedicated assistance with group check-in.
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Freight and Logistics

When on tour, you need your gear to arrive on time. With our strong, long-term relationship with o leading freight operator, we can always find the best possible option. From moving a live music event around the country, to carrying the notional sports team's gear across the world. Our network. contacts and experience with providing specialised handling services allows us to provide a seamless all­-encompassing travel and freight solution from venue to venue, door to door. Your freight charges con even be charged bock to us and processed as a consolidated payment.
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Finance Solutions

At the box office and in the boardroom, it's the bottom line that counts the most. By appointing a dedicated Finance Manager to work with you, we'll find the best possible solution for your billing requirements and financial reporting needs. Our customised finance solutions deliver transparency, accountability and enhanced data, with o range of payment options depending on your billing cycle. Choose the statement and invoice frequency that suits your organisation - and in the format you wish. Or access reports and invoices on-line at any time via the Online Reporting tool
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Crisis Management

While there are many crises we can help avoid, some things ore even out of our hands. But should a travel, industry or environmental emergency occur we can act quickly and decisively to provide immediate assistance to travellers right across the globe. Our ability to respond 24/7 is a result of our advanced technology and reporting which allows us to locate, track and alert travellers in the event of a crisis. From earthquakes to unfolding security events, we can pull in additional staff and draw on strong supplier relationships to arrange alternative travel bookings and minimise disruption.
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24/7 Support

It's 10pm in Los Angeles and you need to change tomorrow's flight? No problem. While based in Sydney, our after-hours team is ready to help wherever you are around the world. With a detailed 'handover' conducted each day between your Travel Manager and the after­ hours team (and vice versa), we can provide a fast and seamless service. This experienced team hos 24/7 access to your travel program, suppliers, all booking information. traveller profiles and pre -negotiated deals, to ensure program compliance and traveller safety.