Hertz Toll Day Pass

Car driving fast across bridge

Hertz has simplified how they process road tolls with three easy options.

Option 1: Toll Day Pass

The Hertz Toll Day Pass is an opt-in system that covers all toll charges under one flat daily amount which allows unlimited toll usage during your rental period. You can choose this option at any time during your rental and the daily flat fee will appear on your rental agreement/invoice.

The daily rate for each state is: 

  • NSW -$19.08*
  • ACT & SA - $12.32*
  • QLD - $13.47*
  • Commercial vehicles (All States) - $26.29*
  • VIC - $17.32*

Option 2: Personal E-tag or E-pass

You can choose to use your own e-tag or purchase a visitor’s e-pass through an external provider. Please ensure to make your arrangements prior to going through any toll points and if using your own e-tag, it must beep at the toll points or Hertz will receive the toll notice and will charge as per Option 3 below.

Option 3: Pay Later

This option records all toll roads you’ve driven on, and you will be invoiced for the actual toll amounts plus a per Administration fee of $38.50 shortly after your rental for the entire rental period.

*All prices include GST, per rental day for passenger vehicles. Rates are charged according to the State the rental was initiated in. All pricing is correct at time of publication Feb 2019.