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With constant deadlines, breaking news stories and series to film all year-round, the television and production world is non-stop. But Stage and Screen has the travel management expertise to keep you on track. We can get news crew in and out of remote locations, budget for long-term cast accommodation and roll with last minute production changes.

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You create content, we create a plan

Whether you’re producing local content or a big-budget Netflix series, you need to be 100 per cent focused on your job. Which is why Stage and Screen takes all of the messy, complicated and detailed business of travel out of your hands. By understanding the pressures, deadlines and budget constraints you face every day, we can tailor a travel management programs that’s effortless, transparent and drama-free.


We’re experts in industry current affairs

Long before subscription television was even thought of, Stage and Screen was making headlines. For some thirty years, our passionate team of professionals have been managing the travel programs for our small screen clients. From free-to-air networks, to video production companies and documentary makers, we understand what it takes to keep a shoot rolling.

Choosing Stage and Screen to manage every aspect of your travel program, makes doing your job as easy as following a script. As your travel management partner we can manage:

  • All bookings across air travel, accommodation, ground transport, transfers
  • Best fare/rate of day for domestic and international travel
  • Travel policy development and deployment
  • Credits on hold
  • Online bookings
  • Reporting
  • Supplier negotiations / group travel negotiations
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Broadcasting our expertise

At Stage and Screen we let you focus on delivering high production standards or the latest news, while we deliver the lowdown on the best travel management. Whether you’re producing international drama or local content, Stage and Screen has the local travel expertise necessary to manage complex shooting itineraries and crew logistics.

And because productions can need to pivot in an instant, Stage and Screen’s 24/7 travel support is always on hand. Our after-hours team is staffed by in-house Stage and Screen travel managers, right around the clock.

We can also provide support for:

  • Freight and logistics
  • Event and group travel
  • VIPs
  • Last minute or emergency bookings
  • Visas and passports
  • Waivers and favours
  • Duty of care and global traveller security
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Exclusive rates you’ll only find on our screens

With an established network of long-term suppliers, Stage and Screen has negotiated exclusive pricing specifically for the TV and production industry, saving you up to 30% on standard hotel rates. Using our star power, buying strength and in-depth market knowledge, we can save big dollars of everything from VIP hotel suites, to long-term apartment accommodation.

As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, we also have access to more domestic and global airfare deals than any other travel provider in our industry. This includes securing group travel savings, excess production luggage discounts and heavily discounted inbound fares. Plus our special rates extend to car hire, exclusive car insurance allowances, cast and crew mini buses and charter planes.

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Pioneering tech behind the scenes

Digital platforms and on-demand viewing have forever altered the way we enjoy content, and Stage and Screen’s travel tech is also setting new benchmarks. Exclusive Stage and Screens apps and digital trip management solutions are streamlining processes, eliminating paper documents and up-dating travel information in real time, 24/7.

From the traveller, to the person approving bookings, we bring together the power of both people and technology to give you a truly seamless travel program experience. Stage and Screen can tailor your travel to include:

  • Customer online portals
  • Online Booking Tools
  • Trip approval
  • Travel apps
  • Travel risk management
  • Expense management
  • Travel reporting
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Keeping the drama on the screen

Everyone appreciates some great stunt action, but not when the drama is unfolding around you in real life. At Stage and Screen we minimise travel risk, but we also have the resources to support travellers in scenarios ranging from natural disasters, to civil unrest and border closures.

We go above and beyond to ensure traveller safety and to mitigate risk, using the latest global travel intelligence and technology to support travellers and keep them up-to-date. And should a situation require swift action, we have the industry contracts necessary to put a plan in place quickly – from hiring charter planes, to securing emergency accommodation.

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Sign up for the best finance platform

Whether you’re working with a big name streaming platform, or you’re a start-up production company, we are always watching your budget. Plus Stage and Screen’s range of flexible finance solutions can help you manage cash flow by spreading costs over the course of your production and network budget.

With Stage and Screen managing your travel, you have the freedom to tailor your payments and accounts to your circumstances. Pay your way and choose from a 7 or 14 days trading account or credit card with enhanced data. We offer an end-to-end payment process including invoices that can be customised to suit your individual business and travel requirements.

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Editing travel for the best returns

By reviewing, fine-tuning and editing every aspect of your travel program, Stage and Screen will show you travel management solutions that deliver impressive returns.  At Stage and Screen we’re all about providing you with measurable results and tangible returns on your travel investment. Using a range of travel strategies, tech tools, exclusive rates and in-depth reporting we can ensure your organisation is travelling cost efficiently and safely, while gaining maximum value from your travel spend.

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When you’re shooting locally or internationally, travelling light is not an option. Your production gear is your livelihood so we take great care to customise a seamless and cost-effective freight solution in conjunction with our long-term freight operators.
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From the main cast to guest stars, they all appreciate a great performance. We can deliver a seamless and discreet VIP service offering smooth arrivals and departures, private hotel entrances, entire hotel floor bookings, luxury transfers, priority booking and specially negotiated additional waivers and favours.
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Shooting schedule changes and breaking news stories can lead to some challenging and immediate travel requests, but our after-hours team has your back. Available 24/7 with full access to suppliers, booking information, traveller profiles and pre-negotiated deals.
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Do you need the entire crew on location for a month? Or need to fly in a cast of extras? Complex logistics, group transfers and specialist accommodation are just part of our repertoire. We can also negotiate value-add services such as streamlined check-in.

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