After months of working from home, preparing for your next business trip can feel overwhelming. 

Travel can de-rail anyone’s health and fitness goals, even for the most experienced business traveller. That’s why we’ve created a TravelFit guide with Healthwise which is full of travel tips and information to help ensure you can prioritise your health and wellness on the road.

From handy reminders of how to sanitise your seat area on a plane to utilising our latest travel safety technology, our essential guide to staying healthy while travelling will have you returning home safe and well. 

When you download our TravelFit guide, you’ll have access expert advice on: 
  • Travel tips during COVID-19.
  • What to put in your first aid kit.
  • How to travel with medications.
  • Travel diet and lifestyle tips to help you strike a balance while on the go.
  • How to work out while on the go - including a 10 step workout you can do from your hotel room or local park.

Returning to travel is an exciting time! Make sure you are doing all you can to look after your health while travelling.

Download the TravelFit Guide