Confirming our position as a tech leader

Close up of hand holding smart device

How we pay for daily purchases has changed dramatically over the past few years. Now we swipe, tap and flash devices without a thought. The same payment revolution is rapidly changing the business travel landscape too, with Stage and Screen investing heavily in payment solution technology over recent months.

“In line with our philosophy to leverage new tech developments for the benefit of our clients, we now have the ability to offer a streamlined, end-to-end virtual payment solution,” said Stage and Screen General Manager, Tiziano Galipo. “To meet the complex needs of a number of flagship clients, we have chosen to partner with Conferma – one of the leading virtual payment providers in the travel industry.”

Via Conferma a virtual credit card, which is essentially a unique credit card number, can be generated for a specific trip or transaction – such as a hotel payment. This virtual card can be accepted anywhere a plastic card is accepted and in any currency. However the number generated is only valid for the transaction it is intended for and once used it becomes invalid, preventing misuse or fraud.

One of the main advantages is that each traveller no longer needs to be issued with a company credit card, saving your business money. They simply carry the card on their mobile phone via the Conferma app so they can show it at check-in, if required.

The advantages for your business include improved security, travel policy compliance, expense control, seamless booking processes and expert support. Most importantly enhanced traveller data is captured, such as traveller ID, cost centre, who made the booking and whether the traveller extended their stay. This can then be automatically integrated into your expense reporting for better visibility.

“It’s important to us to always be on the front foot and to leverage fantastic technology innovations, like tailor-made virtual payment solutions to streamline the payment experience for our clients and their travellers,” said Tiz Galipo.

Conferma seamlessly integrates with Sabre, our internal Global Distribution System and also the Serko Online Booking Tool, so there’s no change to the way clients normally book. Through the hard work and dedication of many expert Stage and Screen teams, we are pleased to have recently completed our first Conferma implementation in August.