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One of the hottest topics across corporate boardrooms as we head into the final quarter of 2022, is undoubtedly – the economy. It’s also anticipated to be one of the most popular speaker sessions at Illuminate 2022. This year Paul Bloxham, HSBC’s Chief Economist for Australia, New Zealand and Global Commodities, will take to the Illuminate stage to make sense of the stats and share his predictions for the global financial markets and international economies.

As one of Australia’s most respected economists and commentators, Paul will help guests understand how the current and future levers will impact the corporate sector. Expect an HSBC take on the big picture view of where the economy is headed in an era of rising costs, higher inflation, low unemployment, supply chain pressures, rapidly changing global conditions, geopolitical risks and global trade tensions.

Apart from being the chief economic spokesperson for HSBC, Mr Bloxham spent 12 years as an economist with the Reserve Bank of Australia and together with his team, he has won the Consensus Economics award for best forecaster for the Australian economy. Known for his approachable and energising style of presentation, you won’t want to miss his fiscal insights and commentary on the future of the economy.

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