Bravo! New Revive policy recognises role of Australia’s Arts, Culture, Media & Entertainment Industry

By Jacqui Walter, National Sales Leader at Stage and Screen Travel


News of the Federal Government’s Revive policy is incredibly exciting for everybody involved in Arts and Entertainment in Australia. And acknowledgment from policymakers that our creative communities merit meaningful funding and support feels like a real victory for an industry that has been side-lined for years when it comes to recognition, resources and long-term funding.

If you're still getting familiar with the policy, Revive is a five-year plan designed to refresh and invigorate Australia's arts, entertainment, and cultural sectors. According to PM Anthony Albanese, it will enhance the lives of all Australians, “from the gallery, to the mosh pit, to your favourite reading chair”. 

Indeed, policies include the establishment of a national poet laureate; dedicated bodies to fund contemporary music and literature; increased support for regional arts; and, importantly, legislation to protect First Nations knowledge and cultural expressions.

We know how incredibly important local Australian storytelling is – as well as the depth and breadth of local creative talent. It’s what fills our theatres, music venues and arenas; draws international filmmakers and production houses to our shores; and cements Australia’s cinema industry as one of the largest in the world.

Revive acknowledges ‘arts workers’ as legitimate workers, with a ‘Centre for Arts and Entertainment Workplaces’ to be created to offer guidance on pay structures, safety regulations, conduct standards, and welfare issues affecting the industry. It’s the protection our clients have craved for years. 

Bands and musicians will also find themselves better supported by the government, whether they're already touring locally and internationally or starting out on their performance career. This is thanks to an injection of $69.4m into Music Australia over four years, an investment that will significantly boost the Australian music industry. The ongoing Regional Arts Fund grant is expected to boost support for local arts and culture in regional areas.

There’s no doubt the Federal Government’s investment will also help Australia keep its place on the world stage when it comes to our film industry – as well as major TV shows and theatre productions.

All told, Revive promises just under $300m to Arts and Entertainment over the next five years, which is a significant number.

We’re thrilled for our creative counterparts, can’t wait to see what the future holds, and look forward to moving a lot more casts, crew, artists, kit and caboodle around the country as the entire industry grows and flourishes. What a privilege.

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