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Sam (Smart Assistant for Mobile) is Stage and Screen's pocket travel assistant that helps business travellers with everything from itinerary management, bookings, service and support.

We know you can’t always manage, book or view your business travel services and plans from your desk. That is why we believe it is crucial to develop technology that enhances your traveller experience on-the-go.

Our Smart Assistant for Mobile or Sam for short is an industry-first. This mobile app is a travel assistant in the pocket, powered by artificial intelligence. Sam has proved a game-changer for clients and many have said it has “saved” them during a trip. It is simple and intuitive to use thanks to its chatbot-based interface making it just like using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Whether you are on the move or away on a business trip, you can be confident that Sam can handle everything from booking your flights, hotels or ground transport to updating you on the weather at your destination so you know what to pack.

Sam also advises you on your exact departure gate, flight time changes or where to collect your bags plus suggests restaurants to visit, alerts you about traffic delays and connects you to a live text or phone chat with a consultant if you need or want it.

Created to be friendly and personal, it has been based on real-life travel consultants and was designed to solve common problems identified by extensive research among travellers and clients just like you.

Thanks to Sam, all traveller information is always at your fingertips putting you in control 24/7. This makes for a more relaxed journey, positively impacting your well-being and allowing you to focus on your destination and the business in hand.

Meet Sam, your pocket assistant

Beyond organising all your business trips in a beautiful itinerary, Sam gets in touch anytime there’s something about your travel plans you need to be aware of. Flight status? Change of gate? Traffic jam on your way to the airport? With Sam, you will never miss a thing.

Meet Sam, your pocket travel assistant

Beyond organising all your business trips in a beautiful itinerary, Sam gets in touch anytime there’s something about your travel plans you need to be aware of.

Flight status? 

Change of gate? 

Traffic jam on your way to the airport? 

With Sam, you will never miss anything.


  • Easy to read and detailed travel itinerary
  • Automatic itinerary synchronisation of corporate bookings
  • Online check in reminders
  • Notifications including flight status reports, boarding gate changes, weather and traffic reports, restaurant recommendations and more
  • Easily forward any other reservations (such as Travel Club or Flight Centre leisure bookings) via email
  • Share your trips easily with family and colleagues via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other social channels
  • Export trips within your itinerary to your calendar easily
  • Request a ride with Uber or Lyft to any of the locations in your itinerary
  • Contact your dedicated travel manager or support team via phone
  • Share your location at any time with colleagues and family*
  • Upload your expenses on the go with one tap access to your integrated report expense tool^

*Share your location feature is an integration available for customers who use Secure. ^Sam currently integrates with Certify and Expensify in Australia.

Next phase features

Business travel tips and advice via Sam Community - coming soon

Sam Community will be the world’s first chatbot assisted community for travellers.

This next phase feature taps into the knowledge and experience of a global community of business travellers, serving up user-generated tips and advice based on a traveller’s location or when they ask Sam for assistance or inspiration.

Seamless travel management with Sam for Travel Bookers - coming soon

Sam is being enhanced to cater for the needs of Travel Bookers including executive assistants and meeting organisers who manage multiple travellers as part of their role.

Sam will ensure bookers are aware of potential issues impacting their traveller(s) and prompt appropriate actions including booking changes as well as allowing direct communication with the traveller to ensure their wellbeing.

Other features coming soon to Sam

  • Update your itinerary on the go - soon you’ll be able to update your flight, hotel and car bookings on the go as well as contact your travel manager for other requests via instant chat.
  • Enhanced traveller safety and duty of care features - Sam will soon recognise the user’s location via a blend of itinerary information and GPS and match this to any critical incidents, triggering real time relevant alerts with an ability to respond with appropriate action for the individual traveller.
  • Integration with more providers - Sam currently integrates with many leading service providers including Uber, Lyft and Certify, with more integrations underway every day to improve the traveller experience.

For more information or to book an appointment, enquire now.