Travel Managers who jump in, (muddy) boots and all!

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The show’s a sell-out, the crowd’s primed and the lead act is stranded in an airport 12,000 kms away! That’s the sort of disaster scenario which could easily stress the most experienced travel manager. But for Stage and Screen’s travel gurus it’s just another day on the job at one of Australia’s most iconic festivals. From the sophisticated buzz of the Sydney Festival to the chilled out vibes at Bluesfest, our onsite Travel Managers know that the show must always go on.

With millions of dollars riding on the success of major music, cultural and sporting events, our clients often require travel expertise on the ground and on location. So our Travel Managers are embedded into our client's businesses to manage the often daunting logistics involved when performers, musicians and athletes are jetting in from around the country and the world. From an implant in a client’s office in the months leading up to a festival, to having a handpicked team on location throughout the event, we offer customised onsite solutions.



With some 500 international and domestic artists involved in the Sydney Festival, Stage and Screen Travel Manager Edwina Perrotta is a vital part of the 2017 festival team. While the planning started back in June, Edwina has worked as an implant in the client’s office for one day a week since September. For Edwina, being part of the client’s team builds invaluable relationships and allows her to have face-to-face weekly meetings with the festival programmers. Then for 23 days in January it’s all hands on deck, as she goes into the onsite festival bunker!

Apart from making last minute travel changes, Edwina also personally meets large groups to manage hotel check in and even greets artists at the airport. In the past few months she has arranged visas, domestic and international flights, car hire, VIP transfers, accommodation and mountains of excess luggage!


When the Sydney Festival is in full swing, Travel Manager Marc Peacock will be finalising travel arrangements for Bluesfest 2017.

For the third year running, Stage and Screen will have two dedicated Travel Managers on site in Byron Bay. Throughout the four day festival our team will be on call 24/7, while daily briefings will keep the festival team up to date with arrivals and departures, booking confirmations and changes in travel plans.

According to Marc, “we become part of the family and they love having us onsite to ask questions and get quick answers. We’re there to check and re-check every booking, providing a safety net, and free them up to concentrate on other things.” And in true showbiz style, no request is ever out of the question or too outlandish for us. In fact, we’ve even been known to organise a chopper to fly a band that was running late right to the stadium where they were due to perform.

"It's about doing whatever it takes to get the job done,” said National Operations Leader, Adam Moon. “And if that means working round the clock in an airport or getting our feet muddy at Bluesfest, we're happy to jump in head first for our clients." And at the end of the day, our Travel Managers sometimes even get to sit back and watch the magic happen on stage. Now that’s a good day!