For a better future, achieving sustainable success

Three Air New Zealand Crew

Awarded Airline Transport Worlds 2019 Eco-Airline of the Year, Air New Zealand has a well-publicised commitment to improving sustainability efforts right across the airline to minimise their environmental impact. This sees a big focus on everything from fuel efficiency to reducing carbon emissions, through to plastic waste reduction, more recycling, switching where possible ground transport and equipment to electrical power and more efficient flight path planning.


Air New Zealand’s goal is to stabilise emissions through carbon neutral growth post 2020, in a way that simultaneously drives significant environmental, social and economic benefits. As a company, they have committed to a carbon offsetting and reduction scheme for international aviation put together by global regulators and industry.

Eliminating single-use plastic products and the impact of waste on the environment. As of the end of 2019, over 29M single use plastic cups, 15.5 café cups and lids, 7.1M coffee stirrers and 1.5M plastic bags have been replaced or eliminated from Air New Zealand services.

Serving more than eight million cups of coffee each year, the recent trial of ‘twiice’ edible cup backed up the switch to plant-based cups on board all aircraft and in lounges. The plant-based cups are made from paper and corn instead of plastic, which enables the cup to break down in a commercial composter. Switching to plant-based cups is expected to prevent around 15M cups from going to landfill annually.
The Partnership between Air New Zealand and Antarctica New Zealand and New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute is a long-term commitment to supporting research to better understand and responding to climate change.


With growing awareness of the effects of climate change, many Air New Zealand’s customers are committed to living in a more sustainable way. FlyNeutral is one way for customers to do their bit to minimise the impact of air travel on the planet. When customers choose to offset the carbon from their flights, the money collected goes to carefully chosen projects which provide permanent, verified and sustainable emission reductions. In the past year, customers partially or fully offset more than 183,600 journeys with Air New Zealand.


People Being a global employer of choice and an inclusive and equitable place to work. Supporting communities to thrive economically, culturally, social and environmentally.
Place  Transitioning to an ultra-low carbon economy. Restoring and protecting ecosystems and biodiversity for future generations.

Economy  Ensuring that our tourism proposition is fully aligned with national sustainability performance. Supporting businesses to cost-effectively connect to global markets, with a reputation for premium environmental, social and health and safety standards.

There is still so much more Air New Zealand can do and they are working constructively with current suppliers to the business and some innovative global firms to allow to do even better in the future. The Air New Zealand Sustainability agenda aligns with their companywide purpose to supercharge New Zealand’s success – socially, environmentally and economically. Find out more about in their FY19 Sustainability Report