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Action! Ausfilm says Aussie film and TV industry will continue to thrive under the Location Incentive Grant

30 May 2022 – While many traditional film and TV hubs were strictly locked down in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia thrived when it came to productions heading Down Under, and Ausfilm CEO Kate Marks believes it has put a marker down for the future.

The prediction comes as innovative internal data from the Flight Centre Travel Group showed the arts/entertainment/recreation industries flew into the top five of business returning to travel since both the domestic and international borders reopened.

Ausfilm connects the international film and TV community with information on Australia’s screen incentives, top crews and talent, studios and post/VFX facilities.

It is a private government membership-based organisation. Stage & Screen, a Platinum member of Ausfilm, is the iconic entertainment travel company that continues to deliver best-in-class travel services to customers in Australia and across the globe.

“Back in the early days of 2020, Australia’s swift response to COVID meant that from April and May, while other countries across the globe were going into strict lockdowns, Ausfilm saw enquiries really pick up because Australia was seen as a safe haven,” Ms Marks said.

“We had a real opportunity to attract the biggest names and production companies, so we advocated strongly to the Federal Government, and, to their credit, they also saw the opportunity, and responded by adding $400 million to the Location Incentive Grant program.

“We saw the results almost immediately, the biggest investment into our industry from international productions, in Australia’s history.

“I must pay tribute to the incredible Australian cast, crews and businesses who help us attract these productions as well as the astonishing talent like producers, directors and writers that came home during this time and brought projects with them – this really helped put Australia on the map in terms of film and TV production.

“I’m confident that there will be steady growth going forward with a strong pipeline of activity with businesses feeling confident that they can invest here in Australia.

“What we’re seeing is that consistent and competitive screen production incentives drive interest in Australia – and the incentives must remain in place so that Australia is set up in the long-term as the location of choice for major productions in both TV and film.

“The other vital part is having companies like Stage & Screen on the ground that Ausfilm and governments can lean on because they are the travel experts in this space, and they know what it takes for production companies to be able to travel here successfully.”

Stage & Screen General Manager Adam Moon said he was humbled to have Ausfilm as a partner because of the incredible work they do to ensure Australia is a production destination that international production companies want to locate to outside of the US, UK, and Canada.

“The Australian screen industry has made its mark on the international stage as talented, innovative, creative, passionate and hardworking ready to take on tentpole hits, franchise and indie films, sci-fi television series, all the way through to animated family films,” Mr Moon said.

“Ausfilm works hard to help filmmakers and studios find what they need in Australia to bring their stories to life, not to mention on budget and on time. They’re the gateway to our screen sector and they guide the very best in the business to Australia’s shores.

“It’s a real pleasure knowing we can help them deliver on their goals and I must pay tribute to my team for ensuring we have a tremendous relationship with Kate and her colleagues.”

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