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Running a bespoke business, or launching a luxury brand, throws up many challenges. But travel shouldn’t be one of them. At Stage and Screen we create bespoke and seamless travel designed to ensure that every eventuality has been covered.


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But let’s face it, life is unpredictable and travel has a habit of throwing up unexpected challenges – at inconvenient times. Stage and Screen’s travel experts are no strangers to the vagaries of travel, and weather. They have pulled film crews out of cyclone affected remote locations, and they’ve spirited executives home across rapidly closing borders. When it comes to duty of care, they take a hands-on approach to traveller wellbeing and safety. From tracking your travellers every step of the way, to providing travel intelligence and trip alerts.

“In 24 years of production there is no travel service I have trusted as much as Stage and Screen.”
Jill Munt, Producer, Red Engine Creative

Lightning during a storm

With more than 20 years of industry specialisation, the dedicated team have demonstrated experienced in niche travel management. These are the people that can make even the most impossible mission – possible and all without breaking a sweat. From the most complex travel bookings and schedules, to the transport of valuable assets – be it your VIPs, irreplaceable artwork, or vital film equipment. Stage and Screen works with specialised logistics partners and they have the insider knowledge required to do whatever it takes to get everyone, and everything, where they need to be without a scratch.

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Always calm in a crisis, the 24/7 dedicated after-hours service is manned by long term Stage and Screen travel managers. Skilled at performing under pressure, they have the experience, the instinct and the scale to make anything happen. They can arrange last minute bookings, coordinate luggage logistics and provide emergency assistance, all in their stride. Because in travel are no shortcuts and that’s why Stage and Screen are accustomed to going the extra mile.

“The beauty of Stage and Screen is that they are a unique, niche travel management company – and although we don’t have millions of dollars to spend, the service we get is exceptional.”

 - Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP) Director, Dion Brownfield

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