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“It’s been an intense year in 2019, there’s been a lot of client activity, major changes within the industries we work in as well as a huge focus for Stage to make sure the new products in our Limelight technology suite are ready to be implemented to more of our customers in 2020,” he said.

“The likes of Uber for Business, the Stage Hub and Savi our new online booking tool, have been part of many conversations for our large market clients this year.”

Gregory added that it was great to see initiatives such as the government’s 2018 ‘Location Incentives’ come to fruition in July 2019 for Australia’s film production industry. The new incentive will see $140 million available over four years to foreign investors keen to produce films in Australia.

Stage also has been focusing on collaborating with industry suppliers and partners to ensure there is closer alignment between our business and the industry.

“We strengthened our CSR program Stage and Screen Supports by partnering with The Australian Documentary Foundation to sponsor an amazing project called ‘The Show Must Go On’. The documentary highlights the extent of mental health issues in the high-pressure world of entertainment,” he said.

As a platinum member of Ausfilm, Stage joined Ausfilm’s trade delegation during the year to LA and Beijing to keep in touch with the film sector. There also were some awesome client and industry events our team was invited to along the way, amazing talent and funny stories to boot. But alas we never kiss and tell!