Challenging the status quo

Team project meeting


From an internal perspective, there’s been a focus from our teams to assess the what, where, who and why of our business to strengthen our offering in each of our core client sectors.

“As we move into a new decade of travel it was timely to challenge the status quo on some of our strategies for client servicing, team structure and business processes,” Adam said. “Just because we have done something a certain way for a long time, it doesn’t mean we can be complacent and keep doing the same thing. Whether it’s our processes or our client’s travel processes, it’s necessary to challenge the status quo on parts of your business.

“This year we started a program of VPG sessions (Value, Plans and Goals) for identifying where and how we can improve our client’s programs this will continue next year.”

Stage also been focusing on building deeper multi-level relationships (MLR) with clients.

“This initiative will see key people from across our business - technology, account management, sales, finance and operations actively building relationships with clients and their travel stakeholders. We began the MLR initiative this year and will continue this approach with as many clients as possible over the next 12 months.”